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WKN World championship Kickboxing from Belfast

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Champions Fight League #8

Stormont Hotel : Saturday 24th Feb @ 9.30pm.

Missed out on a chance to attend the sizzling ProKick Kickboxing show in Belfast #CFL8? Don't worry, you can still RE-LIVE all the action,  grab a RingSide seat of your own!
Secure your front-row seat to a re-capture and experience all the action with a 3-camera setup for just £4.95! 
The highlight of the show was the WKN World Featherweight world title of ProKick's Own Jay Snoddon against Ukrainian David Tkachuk. 

That's not all! Brace yourself for the intense showdown between Spain's David Baros from Barcelona as he took on French K1 national champion Jawed Bengheyati fighting out of 'Team Vanhove' 🇫🇷 a young 18 year-old with lots of fight experience and a BIG desire to be crowned WKN World champion.

The action does not stop there, get ready for another epic clash! Swiss fighter Killian Emery faced off against his arch-rival, Santiago Reyes – a Colombian fighter who now fights out of Canada.

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First up pay the viewing fee of £4.95 
Secondly, send a request to join the page to watch all the event and all previous Champions Fight League 3,4,5,6 & 7 and this the 8th addition.

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Third and lastly, watch and enjoy the entire shows
Here's the fight-card:


ProKick Gym is at 2-6 Laburnum St. BT5 5BD