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Billy's ProKick Bootcamp is back for a 5 day special

Boot Camp Monday 13th-17th March 2023


** Prokick Members Only **

Monday 13th March to Friday 17th March a FIVE day Camp

ProKick’s Rookie team begin their first week long bootcamp on Monday 13th March at 6am. This is the tried and tested training regime that has produced a plethora of champions from the ProKick gym and it’s time for our newbie team to rise and shine.

Bootcamp - Just as you are ready for your second turnover in bed, Billy's Bootcampers will be out hitting the streets and working in the gym in style.

Not for the Fainthearted. If you are serious about getting fit loosing weight or if you are thinking about competing then sign up and give it a go.
Here's more about our BootCamp

BOOTCAMP IS BACK WITH A HEALTH WARNING! Billy Murray's ProKick Kickboxing style Bootcamp - WILL change your life for the better!

45 Minute hard class aimed at taking your fitness to another level.