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Sparring Class All Levels every Saturday, the class hits off @ 1:30pm.

All Level Saturday Sparring Class - 7th August @ 1:30pm


There is no Saturday Sparring this week 31st July

Sparring Class All Levels every Saturday. 
Booking now available for Saturday 7th August @1:30pm

This is a Prokick Sparring class and is for those would like a sparring session with no obligation of competing but in the understanding that there will be competitors in the class preparing for competition.

This will give you a great insight into what it takes to compete - and if you have any interest in becoming a ProKick fighter then you will be in the right class.

NOTE: This is a tough non-stop class for people who want to step up their game to another Level.  

You require:

Gum shield
Groin protection - male & female
shin & boots protection