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Get ready for an exciting Kickboxing showdown! ProKick's FIGHTCARD "The Rookies" and also features talented up-and-coming fighters wanting to leave their mark. Witness their skills in the ring for an unforgettable experience! #Kickboxing #FIGHTCARD #ProKick #CFL7

Rookie Kickboxing Event CFL No.7


Our next Show for our ProKick wannabe fighters will descend upon the fight fans of Northern Ireland Sunday, December 10th, 2023.

Get ready for another exciting Kickboxing show designed exclusively for first timers, rookies, and aspiring fighters! Introducing "The Rookies" by ProKick, a group of passionate individuals who embarked on their kickboxing journey just this year, but are eager to step into the ring.

Champions Fight League No.7 

Here's the fight-card:


ProKick Gym is at 2-6 Laburnum St. BT5 5BD

Tickets £20.00 each.

Contact ProKick reception on the of chance for ticket cancellation