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ProKick Kids Yellow & Orange will be back at the ProKIck Gym in Wilgar St @11am.

ProKick Kids - Yellow & Orange Belt - Saturday 21st May 2022 @ 11am


Our kids classes are extremely popular and due to high demand we are holding a beginners only kids class. This class will need to be pre-booked for first week to ensure that we keep to restricted numbers..

The driving element behind all of our young classes is fun. If our young members enjoy themselves first and foremost, then the other elements of fitness and good diet become something they look forward to rather than as a chore.

More information on kids classes

All Kids classes are £4.00 per class Memberships are payable after 3rd week.  

Class numbers have been reduced and classes must can be pre-booked online, or by calling 02890 651074 or emailing 

Other kids classes Saturday

New starts and non graded beginners start @ 10am

Green & Above kids start @12pm

** Please don't turn up if you have not booked a class for your child on-line - Call ahead first Please **