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A new Beginners Sparring class kicked-off Friday 14th JAN 2022 @6pm

New ProKick Sparring Course - Friday at 6pm


This New 6-week sparring course kicked-off 14th Jan @ 6pm.

Did you miss the first week, there is still time to join in next week - the 21st JAN 2022 is the last chance to sign-up for this sparring course

The Beginners  Sparring course kicked-off Friday 14th JAN at 6pm - this is a 6-week course, Not a pay-as-you-go class - Course fee Just £25 for 6-weeks.

This class will suit those who have never sparred before or just finished the level.1 & 2 sparring courses.

NOTE: Members with sparring experience should attend Saturday's Class at 1:30pm or the fighters class at 7pm every Wednesday.

Here's a chance to put your technique into practice in a controlled environment.
This class is designed specifically for those who want a few rounds of sparring in order to improve their technique as they take their training to the next level.

Do you want to work on your combinations in a controlled environment? Or work on your evasive moves and timing? Then this class is for you!

The new Sparring Class starts every Friday, and hit off on the 14th JAN @ 6pm -

NOTE: This is a tough non-stop class for people who want to step up their game to another Level, but in a safe and controlled environment.  

You require:

Gum shield
Groin protection - male & female
shin & boots protection

We have all of the above to purchases in-house, if you require equipment.