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A new Beginners Level 1 Sparring class kicked-off Friday 6th August.

New Beginners Sparring Course - Every Friday at 6pm


This will be the 4th week of our New 6-week Sparring Course for the Beginner

The New Beginners Level 1 Sparring course kicked-off Friday 6th August at 6pm - this is a 6-week course, Not a pay-as-you-go class - Course fee Just £25 for 6-weeks.

Here's a chance to put your technique into practice in a controlled environment.
This class is designed specifically for those who want a few rounds of sparring in order to improve their technique as they take their training to the next level.

Do you want to work on your combinations in a controlled environment? Or work on your evasive moves and timing? Then this class is for you!

The new Sparring Class starts every Friday, the first class hit off on 6th AUGUST @ 6pm -

NOTE: This is a tough non-stop class for people who want to step up their game to another Level, but in a safe and controlled environment.  

You require:

Gum shield
Groin protection - male & female
shin & boots protection

We have all of the above to purchases in-house, if you require equipment.